The La Pradera Digital Security Offering is breaking new ground.


From grass growth to cattle raising to protein production - cattle ranching is a process that represents significant value creation with a long tradition - paradoxically, it remains beyond the reach of most investors. We use blockchain technology to change this.


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Fully Operational cattle ranch

La Pradera has over 3000 hectares of premium grassland and 4300 head of cattle.


A low-risk investment

As a cash positive operation, the La Pradera ranch offers a solid opportunity for return on investment - much like the Swiss franc.


Digital ranching

With a team of experienced ranchers, professional management and best-in-class digital tools - La Pradera is setting the standard.



A NEW ASSET CLASS - With the innovation of a Digital Security Offering (DSO) we offer access to a stable, low- risk investment in a highly liquid asset (cattle) with predictable returns and strong potential for market liquidity in the future.

DIGITAL SECURITY OFFERING - The La Pradera digital security offering will issue an asset-backed security representing a Revenue Participation Agreement (RPA) based on an asset with positive value drivers, including the annual operating cash flows and the increasing value of the cattle herd.

BLOCKCHAIN ACCESSIBILITY - Combining the low barrier of entry, high liquidity and innovative instrument design of blockchain-based digital assets with the stability of a steady and predictable cash flow of a centuries-old, low- risk business.



  • An asset-based digital security linked to a cash positive cattle ranching operation, offering a low-risk investment opportunity at a low ticket size

  • An investment instrument converging the solid fundamentals of a traditional business with the flexibility of blockchain technology, lowering barriers of entry to capital markets

  • Digital transformation of existing operations to include data chips for each head of cattle, document management systems and digital mapping

  • Scalable growth model for vertical and horizontal expansion led by an experienced team with a proven track record





New asset-backed digital security representing financial innovation:

  • Registered usufruct contract for the rights, benefits and proceeds of a 4300+ cattle herd

  • Fully-compliant with Swiss and Bolivian legislation

  • Potential revenue increase via price increases and additional usufructs

  • Market valuation of the asset once traded

  • Opportunity to experience ranching as an owner, on-site


The La Pradera Digital Security Offering issues 10 million cattle ranch tokens, based on the ERC20 standard, at a price of 1 USD per token. The token conveys the right to participate in the net income of the La Pradera ranching operation.

It does not convey voting rights in the company or the operational management of La Pradera. Token holders receive a yearly payout of 100% of the net income as described above.


Current market conditions, future projections and the unprecedented financial market innovation render this project a unique investment opportunity.


Beef and veal consumption is experiencing continued growth globally, particularly in China.


Bolivia boasts over 9 million head of cattle with a cost- competitive advantage for export market expansion to China and other Asian countries.


There is a shift in a maturing market to asset-based digital securities of previously illiquid real investable assets - tradeable 24/7 in a legally compliant way.


Our offering eliminates the barriers of conventional investment instruments which are beyond the reach of regular investors in size and commitment.


Led by Finka GmbH, an advisory firm with vast experience in the Americas and member of the Crypto Valley Association, we are a Crypto Valley-based initiative that combines the talent and expertise in blockchain development of CVVC and Inacta AG based in Zug.

Carlos Fernandez Mazzi

Carlos Fernandez Mazzi

Isabella Brom

Isabella Brom

Ralf Kubli

Ralf Kubli

Roger Darin

Roger Darin

Joris Reding

Joris Reding



The La Pradera project is supported by a group of partners with roots both in Latin America and Switzerland’s Crypto Valley. They have extensive experience in impact investing, token economics and blockchain development.



Innovation, Investment, Impact - Finka brings the weight of a team rich in experience in multinational companies to productive projects looking to harness the power of blockchain technology for creative solutions. Based in Zug, Switzerland’s Crypto Valley, Finka builds bridges between Latin/South America and Europe connecting sustainable projects and startups with services, capital and world-wide networks.


Inacta AG is an independent Swiss IT consulting company based in Zug. More than 40 experienced digitization experts support organizations in the insurance, banking and healthcare industries. inacta is a founding member of the Crypto Valley Association and the initiator of the Blockchain Competition for the promotion of technology startups. inacta makes a social contribution to Switzerland as a business location.